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    Published 16 November 2007 Referencing Hub media

    New Zealand biotechnology is a developing, world-class industry. Find out more about the exciting work being done, and how they are regulated, in this last of a 4-part series produced by NZBio.

    See below for links to the other videos in this series.

    This clip was produced in conjunction with NZBio.


    Narrator All activities in the biotechnology sector are very strictly controlled by government regulations.

    Brian Ward (NZBio) It’s regulated both in terms of the ethical side, but also in terms of compliance in terms of environmental and laboratory practises. So biotechnology does not happen without some very stringent parameters around it.

    Joanna Kirman (Malaghan Institute of Medical Research) There are huge amounts of regulations that we have to stick to and follow, and a lot of legislation that NZ has implemented.

    Narrator Local biotech companies export to over 60 companies around the world, including Australia, Europe and the United States. Export revenue earned from biotechnology is predicted to reach one billion dollars in the next ten years. The New Zealand biotechnology sector currently employs around 2,500 highly-skilled people, many of whom are world leaders in their chosen field.

    Brian Ward (NZBio) I think that’s one of the really exciting things with this industry, is that this offers fantastic careers for students – careers that are really interesting. Careers where you are relatively well paid, you have good resources and you’re very well connected internationally. So this is a fantastic opportunity for people that are both interested in science, but also people that are interested in commerce – it provides a nice mix of the two.

    George Slim (MoRST) New Zealand has a strong expatriate community in biotechnology. Kiwi’s pop up everywhere – its great. You can nearly always find a kiwi in a place of influence when you need them.

    Narrator Of all the things the future holds, biotechnology presents some of the most exciting possibilities.

    George Slim (MoRST) You can do things with biotechnology in terms of targeting diseases that you just cannot do any other way, and that will have a tremendous impact over the next few years… New Zealand plays a part in that, and quite an advanced part in particular areas.

    Narrator New Zealand biotechnologists are already making a positive difference. These are real kiwis doing exciting jobs and helping us achieve a more sustainable, healthier and prosperous tomorrow.

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