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  • In this activity, students look at SMS text language to gain a deeper understanding of communicating in science.

    By the end of this activity, students should be able to:

    • write messages using SMS text language
    • explain the usefulness of SMS text language in communication via mobile devices
    • explain the similarities between SMS text language and the specialised vocabulary, numeric and symbolic systems and conventions of science communication.

    By words the mind is winged.


    Download the Word file (see link below) for:

    • introduction/background notes
    • what you need
    • what to do
    • extension ideas.

    Useful links

    Wikipedia article on SMS language, it includes lists of some common abbreviations and emoticons.

    Smart Words lists 50 popular texting abbreviations and internet acronyms. For more, Slang Words has a list of 2,700 abbreviations and their meanings. Internet Matters has a texting dictionary. Note most of these lists include some swear words, so we recomend checking first and maybe creating your own list.

    Understanding Science is an educational website for teaching and learning about the nature and process of science. It has an interactive flowchart that represents the process of scientific inquiry, with links to relevant teaching and learning resources.

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