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    This activity is a ready-to-use cross curricular teaching resource. It is intended for NZC levels 4–5. The student worksheet can be printed, making it suitable for students working away from a school setting. The landfill labelling interactive is also available as a printable activity, or it can be completed online.

    The purpose is to encourage students to:

    • consider how landfill systems have changed from the days of tipping or dumping wastes
    • think about the time it takes for items to decompose
    • consider how information is presented in a landfill diagram (science capability ‘Interpret representations’)
    • use literacy skills and science knowledge to label a landfill diagram.

    Feel free to edit the Word document to meet the needs of your programme and your learners. There is a separate Word document with the activity answers.

    Download the activity Word file (see link below).

    Download the activity answers Word file (see link below).

    Landfills and literacy

    This ready-to-use activity is a component of the activity Looking at modern landfill systems. Additional components include:

    • engineering practices
    • a template for creating a timeline of rubbish disposal in Aotearoa
    • an exploration of local waste management practices
    • considerations for waste minimisation.

    Find out more about the structure of landfills in New Zealand and the growing waste challenge we face.

      Published 17 August 2020 Referencing Hub articles