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  • In this recorded professional learning session, Lyn Rogers and Dr Simon Taylor explore aspects of magnetism. They:

    • explore how magnetism can be used as a context to engage students in scientific thinking
    • demonstrate some simple activities
    • discuss how these activities can be used to build understandings about the physical world.

    This session will be useful for primary, intermediate and junior secondary school teachers.

    Exploring magnetism

    Video recording of the PLD webinar: Exploring magnetism.

    I feel a lot more comfortable with magnetism. Thanks!


    Exploring magnetism – slideshow

    This slideshow supports the Exploring magnetism webinar.

    Click on the links above to view the video of this professional development session and the Slideshow presentation. You may find it easier to download these.

    This is such an inspiring 'aha' moment!


    Nature of science

    This webinar provides ideas for teachers and students to model the scientific process of investigation. In the NZC, the nature of science strands include investigating in science. The activities offer students opportunity to think through the design of simple investigations and experiments that explore the science involved with magnetism.

    Related content and activity ideas

    There are some simple activities on the Science Learning Hub that explore aspects of magnetism. These include Probing fridge magnets, Make an electric motor, Making a simple weather vane and compass and Meissner effect – Nick Strickland video clips.

    There are also several other resources that can be referred to for further information or explanation of concepts such as magnetism and forces. These include Fossil compasses, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Uses for advanced ceramics.

    Useful links

    Check out some resources for physics in te reo Māori.

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