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  • Weather is ever present, ever changing and always interesting.

    Have a look at these Science Learning Hub links to see how they might fit in to your weather unit.

    General weather concepts and activities

    Watching the Weather – Article

    Weather and climate – Article

    Differences between weather and climate – Activity

    Using weather data – Activity

    Cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes – Article

    Extreme weather – Article

    Gaseous atmosphere – Article

    Space weather – Article

    Sun, wind or rain? – Article

    Making a thermometer – Activity

    Making a weather vane and compass – Activity

    Making a rain gauge – Activity

    Making a barometer – Activity

    Making an anemometer – Activity

    Weather – literacy learning links – this article contains a selection of weather-related articles from the Connected and School Journal series, along with supporting Hub resources.


    Lightning location network – Article

    Lightning explained – Article

    Space weather – Article

    Lightning – Image

    Steps in lightning production – Image

    Thundercloud charges – Image

    Weather balloon being released – Image

    Lightning – Video

    Lightning research – Video

    I am continually amazed by how many things we can improve... applying what we already know in better, more effective ways.

    Dr Eric Scharpf

    Weather and the water cycle

    H2O On the Go – Unit plan

    Earth system – Article

    Water and weather – Article

    Building a water cycle – Activity

    What is the Earth system? – Activity

    New Zealand weather map – Image

    Rain – Image

    The water cycle – Image

    Weather satellite orbits – Image

    Satellites and weather

    Satellites to study Antarctic atmosphere – Articile

    Satellite sensing – Article

    Weather satellite orbits – Image

    Our research is contributing to the big topic of climate change... We are trying to understand it and find a solution so we can mitigate and adapt to our future climate.

    Dr Katja Riedel


    Observing clouds and weather – Article

    Clouds and the weather – Activity

    Precipitation and cloud formation – Activity

    Seeing through clouds – Article

    Towering cumulus clouds – Image

    Cloud roads – Image

    Citizen science projects

    How Deep Is Your Snow? – Online citizen science project

    Related content

    What happens with you play with data, sort it, arrange it, test some ideas and predict what might happen? Find out in this Connected article. It uses a parent’s job as a meteorologist and an upcoming sports competition as the contexts for using data.

      Published 17 June 2015, Updated 1 December 2020 Referencing Hub articles
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