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  • This online PD session recorded on 3 June 2015 introduces agriculture and horticulture teachers to resources on the Science Learning Hub that support three particular aspects – soils, plant reproduction and management practices.

    The session introduces some new teaching and learning activities specifically developed for use with agriculture and horticulture students.

    This PLD session was based on the legacy Science Learning Hub however all the resources are still available on the new-look Science Learning Hub site.

    The PowerPoint also suggests links that might be suitable for different teaching levels from year 9 to year 13 and identifies useful unit plans and student activities.

    Nature of science

    Agriculture and horticulture sit within aspects of science and link well with key aspects of the Nature of science. Building scientific literacy and developing students’ ability to interpret the many representations used in agriculture and horticulture are important, along with applying understanding to socio-scientific issues relating to primary industry.

    I would just like to say that this has been really useful and I shall be exploring all the ideas you have shown. Thank you.


    Watch the video (above) of this professional development session (you may want to download it) and also see below the index, treassure hunt and the PowerPoint presentation.


    PowerPoint slide number(s)

    Video timecode

    Outcomes for the session and an introduction to the Science Learning Hub (SLH) and Biotechnology Learning Hub



    Searching for possible agriculture/horticulture-related resources



    Exploring the Soil, Farming and Science context



    Using the nitrogen cycle interactive – with treasure hunt



    Exploring a horticulture context – Pollination



    Further places to explore on SLH



    Using Biotechnology Learning Hub resources



    Achievement Standard 90160



    Other useful places for teacher ideas



    Contact us and thank you



    Activity ideas

    This activity, based on the Processing pollen interactive, develops students’ ability to select and use evidence to annotate a diagram.
    Investigating pollen processing using evidence

    In this activity, students read about pollination using a three-level reading guide and use their ability to locate information to interpret the scientific information.
    Pollination – three-level reading guide

    This three-level reading guide student activity has been specially prepared for use in agriculture teaching.
    Easy care sheep traits – three-level reading guide

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