You are invited to a very special event – the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is hosting a week-long showcase at The Cloud – come along for a memorable interactive experience.

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute wants to inspire the next generation and raise awareness for the life-changing research they do. Discover the life-changing work of the ABI

One of ABI's major goals is to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of a range of medical conditions, and to help with improving the lives of people with disabilities or injuries. Their team is working on everything from artificial intelligence avatars, to innovative gadgets and implantable devices, to world-leading 3D models of the human body.

This week-long showcase will feature a mix of interactive displays, artwork exhibitions and seminars – the current research will be connected with STEM subjects taught in schools in an engaging way. The content will be family-friendly, and entry will be free to schools and the public.

NOTE: Due to covid-19 restrictions the date has been moved to May 2023.

Venue: The Cloud, 89 Quay Street, Auckland

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